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Amy Lee - A Dark Reverie
Reference photo rights belong to Amy Lee, Evanescence, and Evanescenceville:…

Reference photo rights belong to Amy Lee and Evanescence (this was unintentional...but I have to include it):…

Reference photo (photographer unknown/currently uncredited) :…

Amy Lee (Evanescence)……

Artwork completed for entry in projecteducate's "Iconic Tribute Contest" by…

Originally made rough sketches (traditional paper and pencil) of Amy and the human heart. Then I imported both sketches into the Autodesk Sketchbook Application on my phone, and eventually created this digital painting. I completed the portrait of Amy a long time ago...but I struggled to come up with any other visual until early this morning. I listened to every piece of music Amy has created so far...and this came pouring out of me.

There are no words to describe how influential and inspirational Amy has been for me. The moment I discovered the alternative metal band, Evanescence, and heard Amy's voice, my life changed forever. I was blown away by Amy's voice; moved by the overwhelming emotion of every song; in awe of the experimental and intense guitar riffs, beautiful piano melodies, and heavy drum rhythms; and emotional over the lyrics, which remain the most beautiful lyrics I have ever heard or read. 

Fallen (2003) captures what it feels like to have severe depression and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) - conditions that I have and struggle with on a daily basis, even with therapy and medication. It is a record that has helped me and inspired me since high school, and was the first record that introduced me to the beautiful, addictive, intense, and empowering world of metal. Simply, it changed my life. 

The Open Door (2006) is a brave step forward in the long journey of recovery (from domestic violence, trauma, mental illness, suicidal and/or homicidal ideation and actions, etc.). It's all about moving beyond the pain of your experiences into a world that is unknown, yet healing and powerful nonetheless. Musically, this record is a metal masterpiece - gothic, dark, intensely real, and liberating. The most brilliant, the deepest, and the most haunting song of the album, 'Lacrymosa,' features a piece of music from the classical genius composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - the incomplete composition, 'Lacrimosa,' of his final masterpiece, The Requiem Mass in D Minor (1791). This beautiful piece of music made me want to learn all I could about Mozart and fall in love with his rare talent. The creativity within this record itself is insurmountable. The music and its message is very representative of where I am now - I am recovering from my past, accepting myself for who I am, and discovering life within the art I love. I am more creative and experimental in my writing, guitar playing, and artworks than ever before. I am baring my mind, heart, and soul to the world in ways I never thought were possible. And I am proud to do so.

Evanescence (2011) relinquishes all doubt that time and experience has destroyed the soul. It is a beautiful testament to how brave, passionate, and open a survivor can become. The music is intense, outspoken, anthemic, and incredibly inspirational. 'My Heart is Broken' is the first powerful ballad of the album, inspired by the stories of the survivors of sex-trafficking at the nonprofit organization, Restore NYC. It means a lot to me - as a survivor of domestic violence, rape, abuse, and neglect during my early childhood - for it reveals the never-ending pain and paralyzing sorrow of those traumatic moments that can never ever be erased. 'End of the Dream' was a song that gave me the courage to come out as a lesbian and persevere in a life where I am finally open about my sexuality and my identity. And it features my favorite ballad, 'Lost in Paradise,' the rawest piece of music I have ever heard. This is a stage in life I want to be able to reach - with the confidence, the freedom, the pride, and the courage to live the life I desire so much.

Whenever I need to express myself as a writer and as an artist - I always find energy, motivation, and a deep sense of human emotion in Amy's creative endeavors. And just hearing her voice in conversation during audio or video interviews gives me a feeling of hope and elation I cannot describe. Just her presence - her existence - makes me feel whole.

Amy's activism has also deeply inspired me. From being chairwoman of the Out of the Shadows campaign to end the fear and stigma associated with epilepsy through awareness and advocacy; to performing at benefit concerts for To Write Love on Her Arms (TWLOHA) - a non-profit organization to raise awareness and build a community of compassion for people with mental illness, addiction, and/or suicidal/homicidal ideation and actions - and Restore NYC, a nonprofit organization that provides support, care, and shelter for survivors of sex trafficking; to performing at the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize Concert; to raising funds in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti through Evanescence's single, 'Together Again' (and I unintentionally ended up alluding to Amy's original artwork for the single in my digital painting) - and all the ways she shows compassion, honesty, and love - Amy has a beautiful, caring heart. 

Amy taught me to cherish dreams; to love the rain; to embrace my inner night owl; to believe that good can be born from pain; to realize that death is not the end; to love music; to always follow my heart; and to do what makes me feel alive. But most importantly, Amy gave me a reason to believe that life is worth living. 

Thank you, Amy, for giving me the strength to be myself.
Happy Birthday, Charlotte Wessels!
Reference photo rights belong to Albert Jolen:…

Initially sketched this with standard paper and pencil. Transferred photo of my sketch to the Autodesk Sketchbook Application on my phone, and edited it all day.

This is my gift to the lovely and inspirational Charlotte Wessels of Delain. Happy Birthday, Charlotte! Thank you for changing my life and for giving me the courage to follow my heart.
Broken by Fate - A Tribute to Lucy of Elfen Lied
Reference photo source: cronicasnocturnas.files.wordpr…

Reference photo rights belong to Okamoto Lynn (岡本倫), Kanbe Mamoru (神戸守), ARMS Corporation (有限会社アームス), Anime Theater X, or AT-X (アニメシアターX), ADV Films, Madman Entertainment, and Anime Network.

This is my tribute to the beautiful, complex, and resilient Lucy, the main protagonist in Okamoto Lynn's manga and anime series, Elfen Lied. It is the most emotional and the deepest manga and anime series I have ever encountered. And I needed to express my love for this series in art form.

This initially began as a traditional pencil sketch. But then I imported my drawing into the Autodesk Sketchbook Application on my phone, bought the premium version of the app, and spent all night editing the drawing on my phone with a stylus.

This is my first digital art portrait, and I am really proud of it.


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United States
Aspiring artist and activist. Writer. Metalhead. Intersectional and trans-inclusive feminist. Fighting white and cis privilege. Desperate to destroy what Laverne Cox correctly described, paraphrasing bell hooks, as the “cisnormative heteronormative imperialist white supremacist capitalist patriarchy." Interested in philosophy, feminist theory, queer theory, music theory, religion, psychology, and history. Political junkie. Gamer. Mental illness advocate. Jew. Gay as fuck.

I tend to draw from what inspires me. I want to eventually expand to other visual mediums in a professional capacity. The human condition is complex and experienced differently by every individual. I want to explore it in as many ways as I can.
We have to be acutely aware, too, of the human impact on the environment, and how we are destroying it immeasurably fast.
It is also critical that societies not only are made aware of, but actively are educating about and treating individuals with mental illness and disabilities. I personally have depression, PTSD, anxiety, and ADHD, and take medication daily. It's a daily struggle. But with treatment, I have found I am able to release the chains in my mind, live a fuller life, and make my voice heard. With a lifetime living under the mask that my mental illnesses created, I have learned that asking for help was and still remains one of the best, yet hardest, decisions I have made.
We need each other to make this world better. Let us start helping each other now.…


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